Living Room Design Ideas for Any Budget

7/02/2018 10:19:00 AM

The living room is often a homeowner’s first thought when it comes to designing and decorating a new home. In all modern homes, the living room is one of the first spaces you see when you walk through the front door. For example, take a look at any new development (say, on cyberjaya property) and you will see that the front door usually opens up directly to the living room. Gone are the days of the traditional foyer and hallway.

Decorating a living room is not always an easy task, in that the living room usually has to be one of the most versatile spaces in your home. This is because the living room wears many hats and plays different roles. Thus, getting the décor just right may be quite a challenge.

Read on for a list of 15 design ideas for your living room that won’t end up breaking the bank. You can use these ideas as a starting point for your next decorating or redecorating project.

1. Rearrange the furniture

Working with what you already have is the least expensive update of all. Moving around your pieces of furniture and décor can easily give your room an update in both looks and functionality. You can also “shop” other rooms in your home for pieces that might fit in better in your living room.

2. Declutter your bookcases

As with rearranging the furniture, rearranging your bookcases is a completely free way of updating your living room. Consider restyling your bookcases by keeping pieces you really love and removing everything else. Then try to create a more eye-catching display by grouping stacks of books, some horizontally and some vertically, and adding in accessories and artwork.

3. Create eye-catching vignettes

Round up some like-colored accessories and place them on some empty surfaces to create vignettes for your space. A collection of pieces makes an even bigger design impact than standalone pieces. You can look around your existing pieces to work with what you already have. For example, you can group gold-toned accessories together to make them feel like a collection.

4. Perfect your palette

Too many colors in one space can end up making things look haphazard and just plain messy. Consider narrowing down your color scheme to a color palette of three shades and edit the inventory of your living room accordingly. This does wonders in tying your space together, even if you might have pieces that don’t match.

5. Update worn-out furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture that has seen better days? Perhaps a coffee table or a bookshelf that is worn out? No worries. You can bring it up to par with a fresh coat of paint or stain. For example, a high-gloss paint treatment is a great choice that will bring your aged furniture piece up to contemporary tastes.

6. Start from the ground up

Sometimes, all the change your living room needs is in what’s underfoot. No, we don’t mean you need to rip out the floors. You can consider covering up drab flooring or carpeting with a nice large area rug. Try to stick to rugs that are more neutral, as they are easier to match with different types of furniture.

7. Find a focal piece

A focal piece help tie in your space and creates a focal point for the eye to land on. A focal piece can be anything: an ornate mirror, a large family photo, salvaged architectural pieces, etc. Just make sure it ties in with your other décor pieces.

8. Freshen up the furniture

Tired and worn-out furniture pieces can easily bring down the vibe of your living room. Consider reupholstering a piece (or two) to revive them. If hiring a professional to do them gets pricey, consider having some slip-covers made. This money-saving solution can give you a bang for your buck, as it makes it easy to clean them – just throw them in the wash!

9. Paint it white

Give your living room a fresh coat of white paint to give it a bright and airy facelift. You can consider different hues of white depending on your existing furniture and décor pieces. This works even better if you have paneling on your walls.

10. Light it up

Lighting is a key element in any space. Perhaps all you need is a change of lighting to give your space the ambience and atmosphere it truly deserves. You can consider adding new light fixtures such as a glamorous chandelier or simple recessed lights to breathe new life into your space.

11. Add a sense of play

Sometimes, following all the rules and tips in décor can be a bit monotonous. Instead, incorporate a stand-out piece that is truly unique and has an element of funky and whimsy. For example, you can add a swing-style daybed to really up the play factor in your living room.

12. Treat your walls

Wallpaper is an easy and subtle design element that can instantly give your space a stylish upgrade. It works better than paint as it gives a texture and tactile appeal to your living space, making it look cozier and more layered.

13. Get ready to party

If you have home parties often, you can bring in a small bar cart. Not only is it perfect for entertaining, it adds style and glam to your space. Stock the cart with your favorite drinks and glassware. Add in a nice vase of fresh flowers and you’ll always be ready to throw a nice party in a short moment’s notice.

14. Add color with art

A gallery wall is an easy way to incorporate color into an otherwise drab and neutral living room. Artwork need not be expensive. Not everything you hang on your walls needs to be a Monet or Picasso. You can scour antique stores or even the internet for cool one-of-a-kind pieces that is sure to create an impressive display.

15. Start from scratch

If you have the room for it in your budget, go for a complete makeover. Start everything with a clean slate by selecting your permanent pieces in neutral shades. When you’re one, you can add in warmth and zest with colored accessories, which can be easily switched out anytime you like to give you the option of easy living room re-makeovers in the future.

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